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“It is fun and I never thought I would be able to dance. I thought I had two left feet, but this class proved me wrong.”

Angela (student)

Where to Dance

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Free Live Music

Crossroads Shopping Center (of Bellevue) and Third Place Books (of Lake Forest Park) have been offering free live community based music every Friday & Saturday evening for some time now. It's no longer a secret that these venues provide great dancing opportunities to those dancers looking to simply go out and have a fun time and enjoy the community atmosphere. Add the wide variety of meal options at both of these hubs, and you have an evening of food, music and dance that is delivered at the right price! Very nice.

As a side note, Spencer and Elizabeth often give free introductory dance lessons at these venues. If you would like to be notified of these free music and dance events through e-mail, simply request to be added to the Resilient Spirit e-mail list at